Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 JULY 2009 DKG3/9

11am: our SCCT1023 class is start and as usual conducted by our very nice
miss Azura..

Straight to the point...
Topic which has discussed today is Introduction To communication and technology.
What we have been discuss in this topic is the definition of technology and communication.
There are various definition given by he scholars about what is communication?
In my own understanding, communication is an ongoing process which involve sender (input), message, channel, noise and receiver (output).

Now what is the definition of technology?
Technology is a tools, devices,or a machines that can be use for technical performance.
Technology is very important medium in nowadays as transmitter data or connecting people from all around the world.
technology such as computer, internet, and mobile phone enable people to connect and link each other although both of them are different location and time.

The advantages of using technology is:
1. Unlimited information access.
2. Able to connect people from others places.
3. The organization able to expand their business easily with low cost of promotion and
4. Symbol of development to the country.
5. work or task can be done in a short time period.

The disadvantages of using technology:
1. High risk of pornography access.
2. Virus causes destroy the important data.
3. Misuse of technology for personal purposes and benefits which causes a bad effect for others
4. Expensive and unaffordable for low income people.
5. Culture dominating to the weaker one (eg: US and Malaysia)

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