Friday, March 27, 2009

Mind Language

We can talking without talking,
Because He understands my mind language,
If you can hear me now,
You will also be able to understand the stories,
Told between the master using telepathy
I will tell you our story in my mind language.

We grown up now,
I sometimes have the same dream over and over again,
You are always in that dream,
We are on a cliff,
With a sea far below,
The moon shining in the sky,
And i can see an island far away,
I see the waves in the sea,
And i am doing the sword dance,
You are sitting comfortably behind watching me,
I have the same dream,
several times,
Everything is the same,
Even your expression...

I am communicating with you in telepathy,
I am looking for the sound,
For such a sound...
That is not the sound,
This is not the one,
I know he can hear my mind language,
Next time i will tell Him,
I Love You...

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