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The history os communication technology divided into 4:
1. Writing Communication Era
2. Printing Communication Era
3. Telecommunication Era
4. Communication Interactive

During this era, people communicate and interact with each other through voice, sybol and alphabet. The communication through voice happened 200,000 years ago and the weaknesses is, communication through voices are limited for certain distance only. Meaning that, other peoples from other places cannot understand well among each other.
Communication through symbol happened around 30,000 before century and its consist information such as culture, fugitive, and war. Mostly found on the cave wall and there is 3 type of symbol known as Petrographic, Pictogram, and Ideograms. The alphabet being structure to crate a sound of word and used medium such as papyrus and rock to write it.

Printing communication era upgraded the way of copying the manuscript. Johannes Guttenberg is the first person who create the printing machine. In this era, people start to produce a text, books, and a copies similar to the original in alarge quantity without any error.

Before telephone and others communication technogy are introduce, people long time ago use smoke and drum sound to delivered their message. Different sound indicate different meaning and smoke are more suitable to use for a long distance communication. This type of communication is used to get help in emergency cases or other meaning.
During telecommunication era, many new communication technology are introduce and invented. The first communication technolgoy is telegraph technology which introduce by Samuel Morse Telegrahp technology using certain codes (dots and lines) known as code morse to sending a news in a long distance.
Next is a telephone which introduce by Alexander Graham Bell helped by Thomas A. Wattson in prepared a tools. While at the same time, Elisha Grey also try to creating a telephone by not using an operator as a middleman to make a phone call.
In 1888, Frederich Hertz found the electromagnetic wave and Guglielmo Marconi make an experiment on wireless telegraphy (radio). After that, in 1895 this experiment was announced successfull after sucessfully sent a message between France and England in 1899.
After wireless telegraphy, the first phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Alva edison it is known as 'tin foil phonograph'.

The word photography taken from the Greek word means draw eith light. In 1827, Joseph Neipce took 8 hour to snap a static picture and in 1839 it is first used by Sir John Herschel who is a scientist.
Paul Nipkow from Jerman invented a disc technology to broadcast a picture through wire known as 'Nipkow Disk'. He is the first person who electromechanically searching television system and then John Logie Baird produce a color tube picture after world war II.
The first moving picture being displayed in American cinema on April 23, 1896 at New York. Before that, in 1888 Thomas edison inventor a moving pictures camera known as ; Kinetoscope' and in 1893, Eastman Kodak produce a film for picture production. After that C. Francis Jenkins and Thomas armat inventor a projector film known as a 'vitascope' and again, Edison company produce a projector known as 'projectoscope'
Computer surely been used all around the world in nowadays. In 1617, John Napier inventor a logarithms machine and in 1623, Wilhelm Schickard then invented a calculating clock while Blaise pascal in 1642 invented a pascaline and lastly in 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a power loom that used the card hole system.

After discussing about the history of communication technology above, now we come to the role of communication technology in 6 important field. In education field, communication technology such as internet, usernet and desktop video conferencing is very important. This is because, students, teachers or researcher are easier to browse information and sharing information. In the economic field, business can be done or start by online marketing with a low cost and effective communication tools to deal with other people. Other than that, it is also easy to expand the business network by online marketing.

As social interaction, people can use email, newsgroup, and internet messenger to interact each other. So they may share any lattest news conveniently and effectively. In the military field, wireless system and satelite system is very important tools. The broadcasting field, audio and visual digital is important because it is part of the entertaiment for people nowadays not anly for childrens,teenagers and youngersts but also for adults. Finally is online and interactive website such as online news, online books, online television and mores...

The development of ICT in worldwide contribute to the economy growth, provide unlimited information access, and mores....

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